Thursday, July 16, 2015

Saunder and Mystery are best buddies

These two horses are about 6 months apart in age and they hang out together all the time. I constantly see them walking side by side.  We have never had a pair before that are so bonded.  Little by little I am giving them time apart which is healthier for them. I get the biggest kick out of the two of them.

Saunder is Eve Larson's (who passed away a year ago) horse.  You can scroll down to earlier posts to find out more about Eve and Saunder. He is now 14 months old and is the most amazing little yearling.   Although by the length of his legs, he won't be little for much longer - he is growing leaps and bounds and  will be very tall.  I  am having  fun bonding and working with him.

My nick name for Mystery is Carrot Top.  He is also a very sweet beautiful colt who loves to be groomed. He loves attention, comes up to us all the time and is very playful.  I suspect he has a mischievous side!

December has joined the herd at the ranch

December was born last December 1st to Thunder and Polka Dot and has been living with them on the property next door.  We brought over to this side of the fence on July 6th and she is slowly acclimating to the larger herd here.  She will probably get halter trained in the Fall when our awesome horse trainer returns - Karyn Shirley

She is running up the hill at the ranch the first day here.

She has lovely markings.

The first few days she spent a lot of time by the fence visiting her parents
 on the other side. I think she has a lovely face.

I posted this photo of her when she was 24 hours old.  It is fun to compare her then and now!