Saturday, May 2, 2015

Recent photos of some of the Pintos

Recently I have been taking photos of some of the horses individually.
Mystery was born in December  10, 2013 and I love his light reddish brown markings.  He enjoys hanging out with his brother Saunder and they are always together.  He is very curious and follows me around in the holding pen - he loves people.
He is very smart and sweet.  

Chie was born November 9th, 2011 and this mare had quite a work out with Karyn last month.

Splash was born July 5th, 2010 and is our largest horse. She can be very sweet and likes to follow me around especially at feeding time!  Karyn got a halter on her for the first time last month.  Splash definitely wants a job!

In the background are never separated buddies, Mystery and Saunder.

Otumwa was born October 16, 2012 to Polka Dot and Thunder.  I love her white forelock and she has one blue eye.

Karyn and Saunder

Our amazing trainer, Karyn Shirley, was here recently working with ten of our horses.  She did an amazing job with each of them, including getting a halter on Splash and Otumwa! So now all of the horses that live here on the ranch have had a halter on..some still need more ground work training but it is great that they all have experienced a halter.

She also halter trained Saunder who will be a year old on May 18th. He has been gelded and is the most awesome special horse. Karyn had him doing ground work and learning about the obstacle course the second day.  I call him my zen horse because when he is in the holding pen he just stands there and looks at me very seriously.  He and Mystery love to follow me around.

Karyn and Saunder doing ground work.

Saunder checking out the bridge.

Over the poles, we go!

Sweetie's Pasture

It has been a very busy spring at the ranch.
Sweetie has arthritis in his  right front knee and because the land the pintos graze on, it was decided that he needs to live in a flat area.  John Schmidt   and his wonderful crew fenced in the flat area of our back meadow.  Below are photos of Sweetie and Majestic checking it out yesterday.

Also John and his  crew did a wonderful job building us an arena near the holding pen so we can work with the horses in a larger contained area.