Sunday, December 14, 2014

2015 Point Arena Pintos Calendar is now available!!!

The calendar is for sale at the Four Eyed Books in Gualala or you can purchase it from me by emailing me at  
There are twelve new photos inside.  Splash, Mystery, Otumwa and Majestic are on the cover.

We have a new Filly!

She was born on December 1st to Polka Dot and her name is December.  We think she could be the last foal born, see the post below about birth control for the mares.
She is a real sweetheart but shy with humans.  I have noticed over the years that the new colts are very curious and the new fillies are shy and cling to their mothers.

Here she is the day she was born - as you can see she is very alert, especially for a horse a few hours old.

These photos were taken yesterday, she is thirteen days old and this is her first time eating the feed.
The babies always put their feet in the trough!  She is eating with her mom.