Sunday, September 20, 2015

Majestic has a new home!

Majestic is a beautiful boy whom  I have enjoyed  taking care of and working with for two years, however, it became clear he needs a more experienced horse person and someone who rides.  So lovely Molly Smith from the Sea Ranch Stables is his new Mom and they are both very happy.  He went to his new home on Thursday and here are some photos of the event.

 Molly and Majestic just after he was unloaded from the trailer.

   Meet and greet time -Molly introducing him to his new brother, Scout who is also a pinto.

                                              Scout is very curious about Majestic!

Buster also came from the Point Arena Pinto herd many years ago. He rescued by Eve Larson and she gave him to Molly before she passed away.  Buster was very
excited to meet Majestic, he kept bobbing his head up and down as he recognized a horse from his old herd, even though they had never met.  So funny and dear!