Friday, January 29, 2016

2016 Point Arena Pinto Calendar, Most likely the last Pinto Calendar

The Pinto calendar is still for sale at Four Eyed Books in Gualala  for $17.95 or you can purchase one
from me by emailing me at  With shipping and handling price is $22.00. Get yours today! This will most likely be the last one that I will make as they are time consuming and expensive to print.

Otumwa has a new Mom!!!

Photos by Karyn Shirley

Otumwa has been in Reno the past several months learning how to be part of the human world.
She is working with our awesome trainer Karyn Shirley and has been ridden several times.  She has quite a sweet personality and is very curious.   I am very happy to report that Karyn has found a dedicated new Mom for her.  Barbara will continue Outumwa's training with Karyn as well as lessons for herself at the beautiful Ironwood stables where Otumwa will stay for at least another year.
Otumwa means, moving water or running water.  It is also a name for an Indian tribe.

I am so tickled that she is getting the new mom and home she needs.  Her self-esteem has risen immensely since leaving the herd and working full time with Karyn.  I am very proud of her and very happy for her!