Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spunky Little Lady

I am having so much fun photographing Little Lady.  She is very sweet and each time I go to see her she looks bigger. I took this picture today and it is the first time I have seen her use the salt lick. She can eat the grass fine because it is tall but when I put the feed down on the ground she can't quite reach it. I tried feeding her from my hand but she is still a little shy, although I have been able to touch her very quickly.  If you click on the image will get a larger version and you can see her tongue.
The photos below were taken on June 13th and on the 8th.

Graceful Thunder

I love watching Thunder run, he is so majestic and such a free spirit when he is running.
Here he is running up the hill today after I called out his name.  He came when he saw us bringing food for the herd.  Even though he looks very small here, you can get a sense of the beautiful place he gets to live in.  It was a glorious day today and all the herd was very happy not to have too much wind and no rain. (We had rain and fog the past two days.)