Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Majestic and Mystery

Majestic will be a year old in May.  He is an amazing runner and he is already very tall.

Thunder and Mystery have a delightful relationship.  Thunder is very patient with our new colt.  My nick name for Mystery is "Carrot top" because of the hair between his ears. He is very sweet and his coloring is lighter, at least for now.

I love the photos of these two.

My favorite photo of the year!

Thunder has changed a lot over the years.  He is a lot calmer and always very happy to see us.  He is no longer afraid of humans.  We still can't touch him and I respect his boundaries but he comes right up to us with love in his eyes.

Rain at last!

As you have heard, California has been suffering from a bad drought this year.  The above photo was taken in January, unbelievable as the rainy season usually starts around November.  Fortunately we had water saved for the herd who lives with us (below) and Thunder's herd (above) was still able to find water on their property.

Finally green grass for all the horses as of February!!!  Very happy guys!