Sunday, January 13, 2013


Happy New Year Everyone!

We have had a very wet and cold winter so far. The pintos have on their winter coats, but Thunder for some        reason never seems to develop a thick coat.

Little Lady, who will be two in May, looks pretty shaggy here. She is
a sweet horse with beautiful markings.

Luna is getting very big - she is the one on the left and she is eating with her 
parents, Moonbeam and Suki.  Her markings are very similar to her Dad's
and sometimes it is hard to tell them apart!  They certainly enjoy the
fresh hay we feed them.  Right now they are getting 3 way hay, alfalfa 
hay and Purina feed mixed with goodies to help prevent worms
 and ticks.


Polka Dot with her filly Otumwa who is just a few months old in this 
photo. Otumwa was born October 15th, 2012 and her dad is 
Thunder.She has one blue eye, the first of our black and whites to have
 a blue eye.  When we spend time with her, we get the feeling 
that there is something very special about her.