Monday, July 12, 2010

Missy & Suki

Missy is 2 months old in this picture, as you can see she is growing fast.
Suki has also been her guardian all this time. I have even seen him pick her up by the neck with his teeth when she is lying down and then walk with her holding her still attached. Just like a mother cat! Cracks me up.

Lady & Sweetie

Lady is the oldest mare, she is over 30 and her son Sweetie is over 3 years old. Thunder is always picking on him so Lady and he are always together and often stay at a distance away from the rest of the herd except for feeding time. Although today for the first time in a long time Sweetie came up with the rest of the herd while Lady trailed behind. He even spent time with the other horses even Thunder for a little bit.
Sweetie has a special place in my heart as he was the first pinto to take a carrot /any food from my hand. He use to be a very calm horse but due to Thunder's harassment he has become quite skittish. I hope some day to have a round pen and maybe I will be able to work with him to calm him down and make him feel safe.
I have had the pintos over here for a week and have put in a trough for water for them. They have all been drinking out of it. They usually drink from springs here or at the property next door.

Little One Update

Little One is getting better every day. He is always happy when I go over to feed him and he follows me into the corral to eat his alfalfa squares and carrots. He is a small stallion compared to the other stallions in the herd and he is a really beautiful horse. I fall in love with him more and more every day. Since he is isolated and there is a corral where he is presently living, I plan to start working with him = touching him and getting a halter on him. It will take time as he is skittish but I look forward to it. I am reading books by the horse whisper Monty Roberts and watching some of his videos in hopes of learning how to work with him in a gentle manner.

One day much to my surprise, when I called him he came out of the woods and Thunder was with him! ( Thunder is the lead stallion who kicked him out of the herd). Thunder followed Little One into the corral and they ate standing side by side, as if they were best buddies. You just never know with these guys!

It's A Girl!

Polka Dot had her foal on July 5th. She is a lovely frisky black and white filly and we have named her Splash. She is a doll and very is the first time she really let me touch her and she was very interested in the alpha squares and took some shavings off my fingers. She has also nibbled at the bowl's rim.

From day one Suki has been Splash's protector ( as well as Miss Moonbeam's). She has very similar markings as Suki (they are brother and sister) but her markings remind us of a giraff!

My favorite picture
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