Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lots Going On at The Point Arena Pinto Ranch

We have had such a busy time since the last post that I am behind  writing this blog.

1)Mama gave birth to a new colt  on May 18th and these photos were taken when he was a few hours old.

 His first human contact a few days later

Before he was born he was named Saunder after Saunder's Reef by our dear friend Eve Larson, who passed away June 16th.  When she saw his newborn photos, she referred to him as her baby.  Since that day he has been her horse and I promised her that he will stay on the ranch with the herd and will be given much love.  His wonderful spirit reminds us of Eve and he definitely holds a very special place in our hearts.

One side of his face is black and white
and the other side is all white except for his cute black spot on his forehead - I love his white eyelashes!

2)We were about to bring yearling  Majestic over to our property and 2 weeks before the date planned, he was kicked out of the herd.  He finally went to the back end of his property where there is an old corral.

While he was in exile for about 2 weeks (till he could be trailer-ed over to his new- our home) I went over to feed and check on him 2-3 times a day.  We had a great time bonding and I fell madly in love with him.  He can be  arrogant and also very sweet. He is a really beautiful horse.

When I would call him, he would appear silently to get some food.

The corral was fixed up and after some ground work, Kathe Smothers, Molly S, Kendra B, and Barbara F brought him over to the herd here safe and sound.  Many thanks to these lovely ladies for their help with him!!

Below Majestic and Sweetie running in our round pen.

3) Kathe is our wonderful horse gentler and teacher.  She was here a few weeks ago teaching  Kendra B (my horse assistant and dear friend), my grandson, and me more ground work.  We tried to absorb all the information we learned as much as possible.  Always new tools needed to work these horses!
My grandson working his horse Luna:

Kathe teaching Little One how to get use to someone sitting in a chair: